Interactive Indoor Play


Interactivity is a key part of the Kidzway’s experience, from interactive floor games, to our imaginative play zone we want to keep you engaged and interacting. Get lost in play as many ways as you can.


Imagination Way

For our preschoolers (5 and under) we have Imagination way, a pint-sized space where they can cook up a treat in our play kitchen, draw a masterpiece in the art gallery, drive around or simply relax and read. The space is designed with toddlers and their budding imaginations in mind.


Play Way

For children aged 5 – 10 we have play way, where they can have endless fun, playing in the ball pit, climbing around or whizzing down one of our fun slides – Giving the little ones the opportunity to navigate their way through our zone focused on play.


Interactive Way

Interactive way is designed with the older child in mind (7-12) – from our life size interactive floor games to our gaming pods that encourage peer participation and working together in groups, this is the zone for those that want to play head to head games and embrace the thrill of friendly competition