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Can I leave my children at Kidzways?

Kidzways is a stay and play facility. Children should be supervised by an adult at all times.

How long can I play?

Because Kidzways is the only facility of it’s kind in Richmond Hill and so that everyone can get an opportunity to visit, play sessions will be two hours long.

Is there a fee for adults?

Two adults are allowed free entry per paying child. Adults are not allowed into Kidzways unless accompanied by a child

How old do you have to be to play?

Kidzways is designed for children 12 and under. There will be special teen events throughout the year that will cater to 13-18 year olds. Look out for these events on our calendar here

Can I wear my shoes in the play areas?

No shoes are allowed in the play areas. All children must wear socks in the facility, if you don’t have socks you can purchase kidzways socks (and bring them with you the next time you visit)

Can I bring food to Kidzways?

No outside food can be brought into Kidzways (except baby bottles/food). We have a snack bar on site where you can purchase healthy snacks and food. There is even food and drinks for the adults.